Our Products & Services

  • Peat Free Compost

    Peat Free Compost/mulch can be purchased on-site, which is the end product of the waste recycling process. The product is chemical free and tested to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards.

  • Mini Chip Bark

    Suitable for all landscape applications and also in playgorund areas. Chip size ranges from 15 - 25mm. Mini chip bark will enhance the appearance of all beds.

  • Screened Wood Chip

    A cheaper alternative to bark. The wood chip is a lighter brown in colour and is also suitable for landscape applications and playground areas.

  • Enriched Top Soil

    Available in 1³ bags and loose. Our enriched soil is carefully blended with our own compost genereally a 60/40 soil mix. It can also be blended to meet customer requirements.

  • Railway Sleepers

    Both new cut and traditional railway sleppers available for sale.

  • Chopped Logs

    1m³ bags of quality hardwood and softwood available for collection and delivery.

  • Greenwaste Collection

    We provide a colection service for larger amounts of green waste. Typically our truck will hold between 2 and 2.5 standard skips in volume.

  • Compost Delivery

    All products are avaialble for delivery either in loose loads (up ot 45m³) or in 1³ bulk bags.

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Contact Ian Browne direct to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with a quote.

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